2011 22/08

Why You Should Stream Your Wedding Live

wedding streaming

wedding streaming

Wedding celebrations are becoming social! You’ve seen the groom who pauses to update his Facebook status, or Tweet that he is officially married. Friends are taking photos at the wedding and uploading them to Facebook the next morning! Before you even get your professional wedding photos, you can watch as your guests start to populate your Facebook page with tons of wedding photos!

Friends or family who didn’t attend are able to comment on the photos, and share in your special day as well! Make that wedding sharing real-time by live wedding streaming your wedding. There are 3 HUGE reasons why you should live stream your wedding.

1) Save on Your Wedding Budget - Less live guests means saving on your wedding costs. Think about all those guests that you need to invite, but you don’t necessarily need them to attend. Send a wedding invite that allows them to take part in your wedding over the internet.

2) Experience the Wedding All over Again – Wake up the next morning and watch your wedding ceremony as if you were a guest. The wedding will be such a blur that you will want to capture the moment for you to remember! With live wedding streaming, you can watch your live wedding video of your ceremony and experience it all over again!

3) Share Your Wedding With All Your Friends and Family – You can’t invite all your Facebook friends to the wedding, but you CAN share the wedding with all of them real-time. Or, if you want to make the wedding private only to a select few, Marry Me Live sets up a password protected page that allows your “special” friends to leave comments on your “guest book”.

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