2010 29/04

A Visit with the Mr. and Mrs. of Aerialist Press

{Photo by Alexandra, Aerialist Press}

An August bride recently told me she was considering Aerialist Press, for affordable letterpress invitations. Affordable?! I was intrigued.

I scheduled a visit with Alexandra and Craig, the lovely couple behind Aerialist Press, in their chic studio in Emeryville (just down the street from Pixar).

As I entered [...]

2010 28/04

Bridal Shower Treat – Cinnamon Roll Bride

By Elizabeth Zachry
Cinnamon rolls would be a great addition to a bridal shower menu!  I used to make this cinnamon roll lamb as a kid, and when I made it again recently, it was just as fun as I remembered!  For a bridal shower, this could make a great cinnamon roll bride too!  Instead of [...]

2010 27/04

The Modern Online Wedding Registry

Marry Me Live Guest Blog
Do you remember when you went to the brick and mortar store to find your place settings that you always wanted, scan them, and then move onto the next coveted item. You could do this at 2, maybe 3 stores max, but if you chose items from too many stores, you [...]

2010 26/04

Be Brilliant: Eco-Chic Rings from Brilliant Earth

By Erin Frank
When my then-fiance went searching for engagement rings for his proposal, his purchase gave him pause. Traditional diamonds often come at a high cost cost to the environment, society, and to people’s quality of life. News articles, investigations, and even Hollywood movies like Blood Diamond have introduced the public to the darker side [...]

2010 25/04

A Royal Wedding

By Ami Sampat
As we’ve previously noted, the color purple has long been associated with royalty. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, deep purple will add a hint of nobility on your special day. These are a few items that caught my attention.
Images sourced from Project Wedding and Kaboodle.

2010 24/04

Peacock Feather Weddings 2010

By Megan Peters
Trending in the bay area is the peacock feather themed weddings, everything from the actual feathers to using the colors inspired by the bird. As a wedding planner I am quite excited to see the interest in this feather because it is one of my favorite birds and it reminds me of a [...]

2010 22/04

Real Wedding: Ranch Golf Club, San Jose

by Vera Devera
Here’s a real wedding that took place at the Ranch Golf Club in San Jose. The view was breathtaking and the bride and groom were lucky that their wedding date — also the first day of spring — was sunny! All images by Nancy Rothstein Photography.

Working behind-the-scenes:

Venue: [...]

2010 20/04

DIY – Thank You Cards

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was thinking about what to get my friend for her bridal shower gift and thought to myself “what is something a bride will need, but may not think of for herself?”  Then it hit me: Thank You cards!  My sister and I decided that to make it even more special we would [...]

2010 20/04

Tech Tuesday: SnapKnot Photography Search Engine

Marry Me Live Guest Post

1) What was your inspiration for starting Snapknot?
SnapKnot was started by me (Reid Warner) and my co-founder, Mike Rheaume. Mike and I were freshman year roommates from our days at Dartmouth College. Although SnapKnot is technically based in Massachusetts, Mike lives in Boston and I live in Orange County, so in [...]

2010 19/04

DIY Boutonnieres

By Erin Frank

Even the least crafty bride can give her wedding a personal touch by making boutonnieres for the groomsmen and important  guests.  Boutonnieres are one of the simplest ways to add a do-it-yourself element to your wedding without getting in over your head.

To get started you’ll need:
floral wire (26 or 24 gauge should do [...]

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