2011 29/01

Glamour Closet Has The Designer Dress You Have Been Waiting For!

Last week my friend asked me to go look at a couple of wedding dresses with her.  She said she found a great place in North Beach that has designer wedding gowns at a great discount.  Of course I said I would love to see the dresses, and I could not wait to see the shop as well!

Glamour Closet (Photo from the website)

Glamour Closet is a very cute little shop on Columbus Avenue.  They have rows of samples (typically sizes 8-10) from well known designers (my friend tried on a stunning Vera Wang that was under $2000, where else can you find that??).   Every month they get a new shipment of designer dresses for you to browse through and try on, and everything appears to be in pretty good shape.  The workers are very friendly and really know their dresses.  Once you settle on a fit/fabric/style they can easily find some dresses to fit your budget and look.

Glamour Closet (Photo from the website)

They do not take appointments so if you go on a weekend I recommend going in early to beat the crowds.  When we got there on a Friday night after work there were only two other brides in the shop, which left us plenty of room to scour the racks.  The fitting area has three dressing rooms, which was not a problem when we were there but could be an issue on Saturdays, and one large mirror from which you can see all angles of the dresses you try on.

Another thing I love about the Glamour Closet is its dedication to the prevention of Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson’s has touched my family, so when I heard that a portion of their yearly profits are donated to foundations dedicated to researching a cure for Parkinson’s I was blown away!   By purchasing a dress from Glamour Closet I feel like you would no only be getting the dress of your dreams, but you would also be giving to charity.

Glamour Closet Logo From the Website

Visiting Glamour Closet was a low stress and very fun experience, so I highly recommend you check it out!

Glamour Closet


114 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 391-1515

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