2010 04/04

Win a Free Honeymoon Trip to Puerto Rico with Jetset Extra

Want to get away on someone else’s dime? Introducing Jetset Extra (www.jetsetextra.com), a brand-new travel website connecting you to cool people in cool places around the world. Jetset Extra is running a contest now through April 15th, just in time for Tax Day—or your wedding. They’re offering free round-trip tickets to San Juan, Puerto Rico [...]

2010 20/02

Flying Fat

By Megan Peters
Recently in the Bay Area as many of you may have already heard, director and actor Kevin Smith was reportedly booted off Southwest Airlines for being too fat for a single seat. Kevin Smith has twitted that he does fit in a single seat and can even buckle his seatbelt without a buckle [...]

2010 13/02

Smokin’ Hot

By Megan Peters
It’s time to order the fun stuff. I am finally getting around to ordering my wedding lingerie. I do have quite the collection for every day use. However, I wanted to find something well made for my wedding day and smokin’ hot for my honeymoon. I normally buy my sexy attire at Lane [...]

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