2010 30/10

Costume Weddings

With Halloween coming up tomorrow I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from themed weddings with costumes!

Are you planning a Halloween wedding?  Please send us your photos! – info@bayareabrideguide.com

2010 23/05

Real Weddings- San Francisco

By Ami Sampat
Check out these wonderful photos taken by Paula Kirkland from a gorgeous wedding held at the San Francisco Film Centre.

2010 19/05

Real Weddings – Dana and Chris in Malibu

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was in Malibu last weekend for a destination wedding and just had to share these photos!  Chris and Dana’s wedding in Malibu was gorgeous and fit their personalities perfectly. They are both from the Bay Area, but wanted to have a fun wedding near the beach where there would be a lot [...]

2010 12/05

Shower Planning Made Easy!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend, after months of planning, we finally had the bridal shower!  It was fantastic and everyone loved the food and had a great time.  After all of the planning that went into this, I realized that even thought I thought I could do it all myself and save money, it is important [...]

2010 01/04

An Engagement Session with Jerry Yoon

by Vera Devera
Swoon! My former colleague, Bethany, is getting hitched and she and her fiance are working with one of my favorite photographers, Jerry Yoon, for their wedding. Both Jerry and Bethany were kind enough to let me share their engagement shoot with you all. Congrats, Bethany and Bryan!

2010 19/02

Totally Awesome Tidbits

To follow up Stacy’s post about Google dipping their virtual toes in to the wedding world, I have to mention that Daily Candy is doing so also! I just found out that they’ve started a wedding version of the ever-popular and helpful email update. So far they’ve posted some interesting ideas about brooch bouquets, invites, [...]

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