2010 10/04

The Dress: Bringing the Bride to Tears of Joy

By Megan Peters
Yes everyone, I am so excited to announce I found my wedding dress! It finally happened where I had that special moment everyone talks about. I got really overwhelmed by how beautiful it was and started to cry because I was that happy.
It all started last weekend when my fiancé and I went [...]

2010 27/03

Let the Bridesmaids Festivities Begin

By Megan Peters
This weekend one of my bridesmaids is throwing a Bridesmaid “Meet & Greet” cocktail party for me. Because I have seven bridesmaids that are from different times of my life as well as from different circles of friends. This is why we thought it would be a good idea to get everyone together [...]

2010 20/03

N-Fini Shape Where Have You Been All My Life?

By Megan Peters
You are probably wondering what N-Fini is in the first place. First off N-Fini Shape is fan of Plus Size Bride at bayareabrideguide.com. They are a company that sells quality shapewear sizes 0-30. I am thrilled to be contacted and thank them for introducing me to the best shape wear product I have [...]

2010 14/03

Adventures in Registry Land

By Megan Peters
I want to first start of by saying this feels a bit selfish registering for gifts. I would say I have lived a simple life and never expected things to come my way. So it feels odd to be asking for gifts, just because we are getting married? What an interesting tradition. Looking [...]

2010 06/03

Oh Sugar Sweet Sugar

By Megan Peters
Okay, okay, I’m admitting it; I am definitely addicted to sugar. I love myself a piece of 7-layer cake, lemon pound cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies you name it. I am the ultimate sugar-a-holic. I am telling you this because today I am trying my best to not eat any, and oh my [...]

2010 27/02

Is Fatism the New Racism?

By Megan Peters
While planning our wedding I have been thinking in the back of my mind that my own grandmother probably won’t be attending. I love her dearly and was very close to her as a child. You are probably thinking why isn’t she going to attend? And no it’s not because we aren’t inviting [...]

2010 20/02

Flying Fat

By Megan Peters
Recently in the Bay Area as many of you may have already heard, director and actor Kevin Smith was reportedly booted off Southwest Airlines for being too fat for a single seat. Kevin Smith has twitted that he does fit in a single seat and can even buckle his seatbelt without a buckle [...]

2010 13/02

Smokin’ Hot

By Megan Peters
It’s time to order the fun stuff. I am finally getting around to ordering my wedding lingerie. I do have quite the collection for every day use. However, I wanted to find something well made for my wedding day and smokin’ hot for my honeymoon. I normally buy my sexy attire at Lane [...]

2010 06/02

Heavier Ever After

By Megan Peters
Have you heard the phrase  “avoid heavier ever after”? Well I just did while searching for ideas on how to shape up for the big day. Now I’m not so sure I am really all that into the whole dieting for your wedding thing. However, what got me looking into it is my [...]

2010 30/01

Gorgeous with Curves

By Megan Peters
Since I am always looking online for things I need for my wedding. I have finally stumbled upon a few gorgeous dresses and at unbelievable prices. If you look carefully and are patient you will find the pot of gold! I promise. Here is my favorite site I have found www.inweddingdress.com.  They actually carry [...]

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