2010 06/10

$80 Wedding Flowers!

I was introduced to a bride that was looking for a bouquet and a few other arrangements by a great San Francisco artist whose mother owns a flower distribution shop at the SF Flower Mart. (If you ever need fantastic roses, you MUST check out “Sunshine International” )
The bride and I spoke over the phone [...]

2010 19/07

Herbal Floral Arrangements

By Erin Frank

Most wedding arrangements need a bit of green in them, and all too often it tends to be run-of-the-mill filler flowers and leaves selected to keep down costs.  Saving money is great, but why not give each element meaning too?  Add local herbs to your bouquet for foliage that adds to both the [...]

2010 29/03

Budget Blooms: DIY Wedding Flowers

By Erin Frank

As vendor bids come in and your wedding budget gets more and more difficult to balance, I’m willing to bet you’ll think to yourself “I could make that for less!”  I wholeheartedly applaud a DIY wedding, but let me be the first to tell you—kid, it ain’t easy.   When my husband and [...]

2010 10/03

Sustainable and Succulent Arrangements from Urban FarmGirls

If you are looking for extraordinary centerpieces, expect the unexpected from Tina Vietmeier, founder of Urban FarmGirls.  I ran into Tina in 2009 at the Inner Sunset Farmer’s Market.  While one of her specialties is custom container gardens set in amazing handmade pots, I was drawn to one of Tina’s other top sellers—her sustainable wreaths.  [...]

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