2010 12/05

Shower Planning Made Easy!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend, after months of planning, we finally had the bridal shower!  It was fantastic and everyone loved the food and had a great time.  After all of the planning that went into this, I realized that even thought I thought I could do it all myself and save money, it is important [...]

2010 28/04

Bridal Shower Treat – Cinnamon Roll Bride

By Elizabeth Zachry
Cinnamon rolls would be a great addition to a bridal shower menu!  I used to make this cinnamon roll lamb as a kid, and when I made it again recently, it was just as fun as I remembered!  For a bridal shower, this could make a great cinnamon roll bride too!  Instead of [...]

2010 27/04

The Modern Online Wedding Registry

Marry Me Live Guest Blog
Do you remember when you went to the brick and mortar store to find your place settings that you always wanted, scan them, and then move onto the next coveted item. You could do this at 2, maybe 3 stores max, but if you chose items from too many stores, you [...]

2010 20/04

DIY – Thank You Cards

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was thinking about what to get my friend for her bridal shower gift and thought to myself “what is something a bride will need, but may not think of for herself?”  Then it hit me: Thank You cards!  My sister and I decided that to make it even more special we would [...]

2010 19/04

DIY Boutonnieres

By Erin Frank

Even the least crafty bride can give her wedding a personal touch by making boutonnieres for the groomsmen and important  guests.  Boutonnieres are one of the simplest ways to add a do-it-yourself element to your wedding without getting in over your head.

To get started you’ll need:
floral wire (26 or 24 gauge should do [...]

2010 07/04

Razzle Dazzle With Zazzle

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was planning to make the bridal shower invitations for my friend’s wedding, but as the date neared I realized that I was going to have trouble making them and sending them out in time.  As an alternative, my sister found a great site called Zazzle.  On the site there are hundreds of [...]

2010 05/04

DIY Wedding: Serving it Up Yourself

By Erin Frank
My Do-It-Yourself wedding advice continues!  If you read my DIY Flowers post, you’ll know my husband and I were on a small budget for our wedding and took the Do-It-Yourself option to the max. We did the flowers, the decorations, the music (courtesy of my iPod nano), brought in the alcohol, and even [...]

2010 29/03

Budget Blooms: DIY Wedding Flowers

By Erin Frank

As vendor bids come in and your wedding budget gets more and more difficult to balance, I’m willing to bet you’ll think to yourself “I could make that for less!”  I wholeheartedly applaud a DIY wedding, but let me be the first to tell you—kid, it ain’t easy.   When my husband and [...]

2010 26/02

Dispensing The Myth – Let Them Throw Rice!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Rice, or no rice?  Traditionally, rice is thrown at the bride and groom to symbolize fertility, fruitfulness, or other good wishes.  This tradition has been passed down since the Middle Ages and there is no good reason to stop the tradition now.  In recent years, people began spreading the myth that birds would [...]

2010 29/01

Paperless Post – The Greener and Cheaper Way to Send Invitations

By Elizabeth Zachry
Lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of party invitations arriving via e-mail.  I know it is cheaper and much less time consuming than creating paper invitations, but how do you make an evite classy?  The answer…Paperless Post!
Invitations sent by Paperless Post arrive via e-mail and look like a typical envelope you would find [...]

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