2010 14/04

Bridesmaid Dress Shops – No Hidden Gems

By Elizabeth Zachry
How many of you have been out shopping for a bridesmaid dress?  I had the chance to experience the selection process first-hand, and it is not pretty.  I went to two shops, Bella Bridesmaid in Los Gatos, and Flair Bridesmaids in San Francisco.  The two stores are upscale and are light and [...]

2010 27/03

Let the Bridesmaids Festivities Begin

By Megan Peters
This weekend one of my bridesmaids is throwing a Bridesmaid “Meet & Greet” cocktail party for me. Because I have seven bridesmaids that are from different times of my life as well as from different circles of friends. This is why we thought it would be a good idea to get everyone together [...]

2010 05/02

It’s All About the Dress – And I’m Not Talking About the Bride

By Elizabeth Zachry
Bridesmaids originated from the Roman law that required ten witnesses at weddings in order to fool evil spirits.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen were dressed identical to the bride and groom, confusing evil spirits and keeping them from  haunting the happy couple.  That tradition is now gone, and instead of dressing like the bride, [...]

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