2010 10/11

Color Themes

Some brides like to go literal with their color schemes, others like to use their favorite color as an accent. These shower arrangements are about as literal as you can get with the color palette that was at hand; Green and purple!
The vases were made from recycled yogurt tubs wrapped in wax paper and white [...]

2010 13/10

Let them Eat Cake!

What girl doesn’t love her sweets? After all, it’s an essential part of our daily diet! (Of course we all do extra mileage on the treadmill to work it off…. Right ladies???? Yep… that’s what I thought….)
Bridal Showers are about all things girly. Some do special Mani-Pedi outings, some will have games like “Make a [...]

2010 12/08

Reveal: My Bridal Shower at The Lounge

My lovely bridesmaids threw me an awesome mani-pedi bridal shower at The Lounge in Berkeley. The favors included a “beauty bar” and decorations included pom-poms and lush hydrangeas. The Lounge already has an upscale feel (black glass chandeliers and sheer drapes), so they didn’t have to do too much but bring the food and relax [...]

2010 12/05

Shower Planning Made Easy!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend, after months of planning, we finally had the bridal shower!  It was fantastic and everyone loved the food and had a great time.  After all of the planning that went into this, I realized that even thought I thought I could do it all myself and save money, it is important [...]

2010 28/04

Bridal Shower Treat – Cinnamon Roll Bride

By Elizabeth Zachry
Cinnamon rolls would be a great addition to a bridal shower menu!  I used to make this cinnamon roll lamb as a kid, and when I made it again recently, it was just as fun as I remembered!  For a bridal shower, this could make a great cinnamon roll bride too!  Instead of [...]

2010 07/04

Razzle Dazzle With Zazzle

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was planning to make the bridal shower invitations for my friend’s wedding, but as the date neared I realized that I was going to have trouble making them and sending them out in time.  As an alternative, my sister found a great site called Zazzle.  On the site there are hundreds of [...]

2010 17/03

Eat Drink & Be Married!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend I attended a bridal shower.  I, like most people, dread bridal showers because they usually involve playing silly games that make the bride and/or guests look ridiculous and sitting around for hours watching the bride open her presents.  At one shower I went to the bride spent three hours opening presents.  [...]

2010 10/02

Wedding Showers

My mom recently asked me what kind of shower I want.
“Um, the kind with friends and food and drinks?”
Apparently that’s not the answer she was looking for. We’d already determined to go non-traditional and have a Wedding Shower/Couples Shower instead of a Bridal shower. Unbeknownst to me, there are a myriad of shower ideas out [...]

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