2010 09/11

Photo Love – San Francisco Photographer

Back in May of this year, I attended Sage Wedding Pros workshop The Simple Plan were I learned more than I ever dreamed about how to create and grow a successful wedding based business. For any industry peeps out there, this is a must attend workshop!
Over the course of the 2 days, I worked with a small group [...]

2010 17/09

Gum Girl Wedding Photography

A guest at our wedding said, “40, 50, 60 years from now… all you’ll have are memories. So, life should be about creating them.” Your wedding day flies by, and you won’t get to see everything (bride/ groom getting ready, transit to the ceremony, dinner tables etc.).  Photos help you see the things you don’t [...]

2010 30/06

The Ultimate Keepsake – A Handmade Album

By Elizabeth Zachry
I told you all about Sabrina Wong the photographer back in February, and I am so excited to give you even more information about her fantastic homemade wedding albums!

I have heard that after the wedding is over, one of the most daunting tasks is putting together your wedding album.  It can take weeks, [...]

2010 01/04

An Engagement Session with Jerry Yoon

by Vera Devera
Swoon! My former colleague, Bethany, is getting hitched and she and her fiance are working with one of my favorite photographers, Jerry Yoon, for their wedding. Both Jerry and Bethany were kind enough to let me share their engagement shoot with you all. Congrats, Bethany and Bryan!

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