2010 20/04

Tech Tuesday: SnapKnot Photography Search Engine

Marry Me Live Guest Post

1) What was your inspiration for starting Snapknot?
SnapKnot was started by me (Reid Warner) and my co-founder, Mike Rheaume. Mike and I were freshman year roommates from our days at Dartmouth College. Although SnapKnot is technically based in Massachusetts, Mike lives in Boston and I live in Orange County, so in [...]

2010 29/03

Imagine your dream wedding – Play it Online

Marry Me Live Guest Post
Gaming companies have caught onto the fact that women make up a large percentage of the gaming community, especially when it comes to casual games. And, what a better way to appeal to women online than to focus on the wedding experience.

Dream Day Weddings has a series of wedding computer [...]

2010 16/03

Tech Tuesday: My Wedding Concierge

Marry Me Live Guest Post
My Wedding Concierge: an iPhone app, search engine, all around wedding planning tool.
It is hard to categorize Phyllis and Philip Cheung’s wedding planning platform, My Wedding Concierge, but the best way to describe it is Google for Wedding Planning Resources.
My Wedding Concierge delivers a smart search engine and iPhone [...]

2010 09/03

Budget Wedding: Integrate your Wedding Invitations Online

Marry Me Live Guest Post
In the world of digital bliss, planning is very easily managed online. If it isn’t in your excel spreadsheet, or shared google docs, it might be your online calendar, or the latest mobile app. Whatever the case, increasingly daily tasks are completed online. Why not use those same principles when planning [...]

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