2010 30/01

Gorgeous with Curves

By Megan Peters
Since I am always looking online for things I need for my wedding. I have finally stumbled upon a few gorgeous dresses and at unbelievable prices. If you look carefully and are patient you will find the pot of gold! I promise. Here is my favorite site I have found www.inweddingdress.com.  They actually carry [...]

2010 29/01

Paperless Post – The Greener and Cheaper Way to Send Invitations

By Elizabeth Zachry
Lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of party invitations arriving via e-mail.  I know it is cheaper and much less time consuming than creating paper invitations, but how do you make an evite classy?  The answer…Paperless Post!
Invitations sent by Paperless Post arrive via e-mail and look like a typical envelope you would find [...]

2010 28/01

The wedding dress artist

I finally decided, after much searching, that I’m going to get my dress custom-made. For the price that many off-the-rack dresses were going to be PLUS alterations, it just didn’t make sense to me to do it any other way.
Enter Suzanne at Atelier des Modistes. She’s owned this beautiful little shop in Russian Hill for [...]

2010 28/01

Meet Aiko Designs

I met Christine Aiko Beck of Aiko Designs at the SF Wedding Fair a few weeks ago and I was drawn like a magnet to her organic and distinct designs.  I asked Christine to share a little bit more about herself for us so that we could get to know the artist behind the fabulous [...]

2010 26/01

Who is Going to the Wedding University?

With so many upcoming wedding events, the decision on where to spend your time can be very confusing. We feel the same here at Bay Area Bride Guide. But, BABG is here to make your life a little easier.
Two of our bloggers, Erin Frank and Megan Peters will be attending the Wedding University on [...]

2010 25/01

Looks Good on Paper: Bon Moment Stationery

By Erin Frank
If you are looking for something a little non-traditional for your wedding invitations, you’ll definitely want to check out Bon Moment.  I recently talked with design duo Denise Stockman and Maureen Jann, a Berkeley and Seattle-based pair of artists who are pushing the envelope on wedding stationery.  Here’s a look at their desirable [...]

2010 23/01

Plus Size Girl Finds Love

By Megan Peters
Welcome everyone to your very own plus size bride-to-be blog. Let me tell you I am excited to be here and really hope that I can bring some of my own experiences and recommendations as a plus size bride to help you all out there. I wish there was a blog for me [...]

2010 22/01

The Perfect “Pair”

By Elizabeth Zachry
How many of you have been to weddings where you leave with a photo of the bride and groom, a mug with their names and the date, or any number of cute, but useless, trinkets?  I definitely have, so I made it my mission to help my friend come up with a useful [...]

2010 21/01

My photog crush: Elizabeth Hurley

For this Thursday’s scoop, I’d like you to meet Elizabeth Hurley. No, not Hugh Grant’s ex. I’m talking about a talented San Francisco wedding photographer with an exquisite eye, organic and earthy style and easy on the budget without sacrificing quality!
I met Elizabeth (Beth) at a wedding fair at the Four Seasons a couple weeks [...]

2010 20/01

Bridal Fashion Find of the Week!

Somewhere in my wedding notebook I found a scrawled phrase HEY LADY SHOES.COM. I’m not sure where it came from or why I originally wrote it down, but it might have been the wedding fairy. These shoes are totally rad.
The designers and founders of the company are sisters based in Palo Alto whose mission it [...]

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