2010 03/05

Favors With Bite

By Erin Frank

Food favors are always a great idea. They’re practical, provide a tasty takeaway, and out-of-town guests appreciate a little something to snack on back at the hotel.  Who needs another knick-knack cluttering up their house? My newest favor finds are these unique confections by Bon Bon Brittle.

Bon Bon Brittle makes classic brittle candies [...]

2010 22/03

Take the Candy Bar to the Next Level

By Erin Frank

If you’ve spent any time on wedding blogs, you’ve likely come across photos of a candy bar. Candy bars—referring to containers of colorful sweets guests can munch on and/or bag up as wedding favors—are a great way to move beyond the traditional cake-only reception. Guests can self-serve, freeing your staff and family members [...]

2010 17/03

Eat Drink & Be Married!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend I attended a bridal shower.  I, like most people, dread bridal showers because they usually involve playing silly games that make the bride and/or guests look ridiculous and sitting around for hours watching the bride open her presents.  At one shower I went to the bride spent three hours opening presents.  [...]

2010 10/03

Sustainable and Succulent Arrangements from Urban FarmGirls

If you are looking for extraordinary centerpieces, expect the unexpected from Tina Vietmeier, founder of Urban FarmGirls.  I ran into Tina in 2009 at the Inner Sunset Farmer’s Market.  While one of her specialties is custom container gardens set in amazing handmade pots, I was drawn to one of Tina’s other top sellers—her sustainable wreaths.  [...]

2010 26/02

Dispensing The Myth – Let Them Throw Rice!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Rice, or no rice?  Traditionally, rice is thrown at the bride and groom to symbolize fertility, fruitfulness, or other good wishes.  This tradition has been passed down since the Middle Ages and there is no good reason to stop the tradition now.  In recent years, people began spreading the myth that birds would [...]

2010 19/02

Totally Awesome Tidbits

To follow up Stacy’s post about Google dipping their virtual toes in to the wedding world, I have to mention that Daily Candy is doing so also! I just found out that they’ve started a wedding version of the ever-popular and helpful email update. So far they’ve posted some interesting ideas about brooch bouquets, invites, [...]

2010 15/02

Shopping That’s Off the Beaten Path

By Erin Frank

Call it “Recession Chic” or “Decor on a Dime.”  A lot of brides are looking for ways to save money on their weddings. This could mean DIY (I was on overly ambitious bride—we did everything from the decor to the food ourselves) or simply some savvy shopping to stay within a budget. When [...]

2010 12/02

Party Time With T-Party Photo Booths

By Elizabeth Zachry
If you’re looking for something fun to spice up your wedding reception, give T-Party Photo Booths a call.  Run by Theresa Parilo, T-Party Photo Booths brings a new dynamic to any event by providing an alternative to the traditional guest book and allowing guests to ham it up for the camera.  I had [...]

2010 09/02

Unique Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor

Marry Me Live Guest Post
When it comes to wedding favors, there is an abundance of choices. The decision becomes much more difficult when trying to find something practical, memorable and eco-friendly! I was thrilled when someone introduced me to WeePlant. Not only is WeePlant a local business, but it is also a very unique gift [...]

2010 22/01

The Perfect “Pair”

By Elizabeth Zachry
How many of you have been to weddings where you leave with a photo of the bride and groom, a mug with their names and the date, or any number of cute, but useless, trinkets?  I definitely have, so I made it my mission to help my friend come up with a useful [...]

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