2010 30/07

Wedding Vendors Sneak Preview

By Lauren and Haney
Admittedly, finding fantastic wedding vendors and artists can be extremely difficult.  It’s challenging to find talent that matches your tastes and individuals with whom you can develop a solid working relationship, but once you do find them, you have found gold.  We are thrilled to share with you a sneak preview of [...]

2010 30/07

The Countdown Goes From Months to Weeks to Days

An African proverb says “it takes a village to raise a child,” and this quote holds true for a wedding. You can’t plan your wedding, or any major event for that matter, without the mentorship, guidance, community support, patience and bridging of those you love and who love you. Know that the final weeks before [...]

2010 29/07

Real Wedding: Stern Grove

Nature loving couples don’t have to stray too far from the hustle and bustle of the city to get married underneath the redwood groves! This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of coordinating a beautiful DIY wedding at Stern Grove. The Trocadero House at Stern Grove is such a lovely rustic setting for a reception. [...]

2010 28/07

Your Perfect Vineyard Wedding

By Elizabeth Zachry
What does every bride want from her wedding venue?  I am going to venture a guess and say: great views, tasty food, a helpful coordinator, plenty of space, and the flexibility to add your own personal touches.  One venue that fulfills all of these requirements is  Garré Winery, located in Livermore, California. The [...]

2010 27/07

Cover your Cupcakes! Bella Cupcake Couture

I am a huge fan of the cupcake. So small yet with such big taste. I was excited when I went to write today’s post and saw that my lovely co-blogger Erin was also in a cupcake mood this week. Cupcakes have been seen all over the wedding magazines and blogs as an additional dessert [...]

2010 25/07

Put Some Sugar In Your Wedding

By Erin Frank

If you’re a Bay Area bride looking for the next undiscovered local goodie for your wedding, there’s no better place to uncover hidden gems than at the SF Underground Farmers Market hosted by ForageSF, a group interested in wild foods in our community. The Underground Market is a venue where you can taste [...]

2010 23/07

Thank Goodness for Family

By Lauren and Haney
A wedding can bring together family and friends, and it can highlight the beautiful talents of those you love.  We are fortunate to have the bride’s mother, Joyce, who is a talented designer, as our flower artist, and her aunt Deseree, who is a cake and events extraordinaire in Hong Kong, on [...]

2010 21/07

Dirty Laundry

I was surfing Etsy using the “Suggested Shops” feature and I stumbled across Melangeric NYC. They make beautiful family genealogy charts for weddings (starting at $500!) but on the more affordable side are “Dirty Laundry” party kits. Basically, you get a package of twine, notecards and a detergent bottle with instructions for filling out the [...]

2010 21/07

Nikol Elaine – Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was on the hunt for the perfect person to do my friend’s make-up for her wedding.  As the wedding day got closer she got more and more stressed, so I decided to kick it into gear and conduct some pre-screenings.  By the time I met Nikol Elaine, my friend had already found [...]

2010 20/07

The Wedding Guest Welcome Bag – OOT Bags

When I have the rare opportunity to be a guest at a wedding, especially a fun destination wedding, I squeal with joy when I check into my hotel room and there is a lovely welcome tote for me! With my type A personality, I scan the wedding weekend agenda and check out the deets on [...]

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