2010 28/02

Let’s talk about registries, baby

Oh, the registry. Point of contention the bride-o-sphere over. We’ve all felt our eyes glaze over while perusing the hundreds of salad fork options. Most of us have probably had a tug-of-war over the scan gun in Target while our man wants to head over to the Sports Equipment Department and scan himself a new [...]

2010 27/02

Is Fatism the New Racism?

By Megan Peters
While planning our wedding I have been thinking in the back of my mind that my own grandmother probably won’t be attending. I love her dearly and was very close to her as a child. You are probably thinking why isn’t she going to attend? And no it’s not because we aren’t inviting [...]

2010 26/02

Dispensing The Myth – Let Them Throw Rice!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Rice, or no rice?  Traditionally, rice is thrown at the bride and groom to symbolize fertility, fruitfulness, or other good wishes.  This tradition has been passed down since the Middle Ages and there is no good reason to stop the tradition now.  In recent years, people began spreading the myth that birds would [...]

2010 25/02

Scouting vendors in downtown Napa

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by Vera Devera

I’m very excited to be working with a lovely couple who met onstage — she’s a ballerina and he’s an opera singer (in fact, he was at San Francisco Opera just before I started working there in 2004)! They’re getting married in a very unique venue in Napa — [...]

2010 23/02

Captain Vineyards – Your Backyard Moraga Wedding Venue

Marry Me Live Guest Post
In my search to find a sustainable Livermore Valley wedding location, I came across Captain Vineyards. It may not be in Livermore Valley and it isn’t the huge vineyard weddings you typically think of. But, I immediately fell in love with this place and the family who runs it.

Let [...]

2010 22/02

Beauty from the Bottom Up: A Pedicure at Silk Nail Salon

By Erin Frank
On your wedding day you want to look and feel great from head-to-toe.  That’s why before my big day I went to my top choice for manis/pedis in town, Silk Spa.
Silk offers full nail and waxing services.  A basic manicure is $18, pedicure $30.  I’ve enjoyed both, but a word about the pedicure [...]

2010 20/02

Flying Fat

By Megan Peters
Recently in the Bay Area as many of you may have already heard, director and actor Kevin Smith was reportedly booted off Southwest Airlines for being too fat for a single seat. Kevin Smith has twitted that he does fit in a single seat and can even buckle his seatbelt without a buckle [...]

2010 19/02

Sabrina Wong – A Photographer With a Personalized Touch

By Elizabeth Zachry
Next time I need a photographer, Sabrina Wong tops my list.   Sabrina has a way of making all of her subjects feel at ease, which comes across in all of her photos.   I had the opportunity to sit down with Sabrina and learn a little more about the woman behind the [...]

2010 19/02

Totally Awesome Tidbits

To follow up Stacy’s post about Google dipping their virtual toes in to the wedding world, I have to mention that Daily Candy is doing so also! I just found out that they’ve started a wedding version of the ever-popular and helpful email update. So far they’ve posted some interesting ideas about brooch bouquets, invites, [...]

2010 18/02

How to Tablescape for Less

by Vera Devera

{San Francisco Opera President’s Dinner 2005 – by Vera Devera}

Above is a private dinner event San Francisco Opera held for a few hundred guests onstage at the War Memorial Opera House. The centerpieces were carnations — usually a bride’s last choice for flowers. But, I beg to differ as the carnations delivered high [...]

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