2011 22/08

Why You Should Stream Your Wedding Live

Wedding celebrations are becoming social! You’ve seen the groom who pauses to update his Facebook status, or Tweet that he is officially married. Friends are taking photos at the wedding and uploading them to Facebook the next morning! Before you even get your professional wedding photos, you can watch as your guests start to populate [...]

2010 08/12

Holiday Wedding Centerpieces

Are you having a holiday wedding? Looking for centerpiece arrangements that are affordable, yet work with the holiday feel and look beautiful? Look no further… Check out this modern day Christmas tree that can be used as a centerpiece for your tables that will also be the talk of your family and circle of friends for [...]

2010 04/12

StayBrite Baking Cups For DIY Brilliance!

In keeping with the cake theme this week, I just had to share one of my most recent and favorite finds!  When I was at Safeway last week I saw Stay Brite baking cups from Reynolds.   They are lined with foil so the design on the outside stays vibrant even after cooking.  Of course, I [...]

2010 10/11

Color Themes

Some brides like to go literal with their color schemes, others like to use their favorite color as an accent. These shower arrangements are about as literal as you can get with the color palette that was at hand; Green and purple!
The vases were made from recycled yogurt tubs wrapped in wax paper and white [...]

2010 03/11

Dahlias Daaahhhling!

Over the Summer I had the opportunity to do flowers for an awesome Bride and Groom that were having a very intimate and beautiful ceremony at Mt. Tamalpais. When the bride contacted me again to put together a few arrangements for the reception she and her hubby were hosting at Café Du Nord, [...]

2010 01/11

A Homemade Fall Favor with Flavor

With pumpkin season in full swing, here’s a delicious recipe for DIY pumpkin butter. This recipe by Virginia Jane’s Flavorful Edibles is very easy to make in large batches, and pumpkin butter makes the perfect homemade favor for a Fall-themed wedding

2010 20/10

Harvest Bride-to-Be

If you’re having a white winter wedding, chances are that your bridal shower will be sometime in the fall.  With all the pretty fall colors around us, it’ll be easy to go all autumnal for your shower.
Ask the host of your shower to head down to their local Trader Joe’s where they sell organic and [...]

2010 13/10

Let them Eat Cake!

What girl doesn’t love her sweets? After all, it’s an essential part of our daily diet! (Of course we all do extra mileage on the treadmill to work it off…. Right ladies???? Yep… that’s what I thought….)
Bridal Showers are about all things girly. Some do special Mani-Pedi outings, some will have games like “Make a [...]

2010 11/10

In Case of Emergency: What to Have on Hand at a Wedding

The Ultimate Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

2010 06/10

$80 Wedding Flowers!

I was introduced to a bride that was looking for a bouquet and a few other arrangements by a great San Francisco artist whose mother owns a flower distribution shop at the SF Flower Mart. (If you ever need fantastic roses, you MUST check out “Sunshine International” )
The bride and I spoke over the phone [...]

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