2011 22/08

Why You Should Stream Your Wedding Live

Wedding celebrations are becoming social! You’ve seen the groom who pauses to update his Facebook status, or Tweet that he is officially married. Friends are taking photos at the wedding and uploading them to Facebook the next morning! Before you even get your professional wedding photos, you can watch as your guests start to populate [...]

2011 27/03

Cinderella For a Day!

There are so many different modes of transportation any bride can take to get to her wedding.  Typically I tend to think of limousines or antique cars when I pictures brides pulling up to their wedding sites.  This weekend, as I drove through Golden Gate Park, I saw the coolest Cinderella type carriage with a [...]

2011 29/01

Glamour Closet Has The Designer Dress You Have Been Waiting For!

Last week my friend asked me to go look at a couple of wedding dresses with her.  She said she found a great place in North Beach that has designer wedding gowns at a great discount.  Of course I said I would love to see the dresses, and I could not wait to see the [...]

2011 04/01

Dainty Gold Desserts

At about 10pm every night I have a sweet tooth. I rummage through my pantry and freezer looking for the perfect sweet bite. Last night, searching the blog-o-sphere I found exactly what I was looking for, only sadly it was not in my freezer or pantry…it was online…teasing me with it gorgeousness and looking simply [...]

2010 21/12

The Pom – Deep Red Holiday and Wedding Decor

I have this nifty little tree in my backyard called a pomegranate tree. It grows these amazing deep red fruits that are so darn yummy and gorgeous. I am loving how I keep seeing them pop up in holiday decor for more winter wedding idea fun! Loving the rich reds, sweet pinks and lovely golds [...]

2010 19/12

Celebrate the Season, But Keep the Focus on Your Wedding

By Erin Frank

December is a holiday-filled month. A classic winter wedding taking place in December can easily turn into a tightrope walk for many brides: How do you embrace the season and your favorite holiday without looking like your wedding is one big Christmas celebration? Cancel Santa’s invitation — we’ve got a few tips on [...]

2010 14/12

Let It Snow! Winter Inspired Weddings

With all the cold and rain that makes up winter in the Bay Area, I have to admit I do wish we had a little bit of the white stuff every now and then to make things more entertaining. Imagine peeking out your window one morning to find your lawn blanketed in a sea of [...]

2010 13/12

Why Choose? Register Everywhere!

By Erin Frank

You’ve finally found “the One,” and as soon as you’re engaged you have to set out in search of your next true love—that one store you want to register at. Of course, you can register at two, or even three stores, but guests can get overwhelmed if you try anything beyond that. But [...]

2010 08/12

Holiday Wedding Centerpieces

Are you having a holiday wedding? Looking for centerpiece arrangements that are affordable, yet work with the holiday feel and look beautiful? Look no further… Check out this modern day Christmas tree that can be used as a centerpiece for your tables that will also be the talk of your family and circle of friends for [...]

2010 06/12

Better Bridal Alterations

By Erin Frank
Alterations are tricky. I’ve heard horror stories of brides whose dresses were ruined by sloppy, irreversible alterations, the results of which are generally revealed only right before the wedding (i.e. when it’s too late to do anything other than wear it unhappily or drop a ton of cash on a new dress at [...]

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