2010 19/12

Celebrate the Season, But Keep the Focus on Your Wedding

By Erin Frank

December is a holiday-filled month. A classic winter wedding taking place in December can easily turn into a tightrope walk for many brides: How do you embrace the season and your favorite holiday without looking like your wedding is one big Christmas celebration? Cancel Santa’s invitation — we’ve got a few tips on [...]

2010 13/12

Why Choose? Register Everywhere!

By Erin Frank

You’ve finally found “the One,” and as soon as you’re engaged you have to set out in search of your next true love—that one store you want to register at. Of course, you can register at two, or even three stores, but guests can get overwhelmed if you try anything beyond that. But [...]

2010 06/12

Better Bridal Alterations

By Erin Frank
Alterations are tricky. I’ve heard horror stories of brides whose dresses were ruined by sloppy, irreversible alterations, the results of which are generally revealed only right before the wedding (i.e. when it’s too late to do anything other than wear it unhappily or drop a ton of cash on a new dress at [...]

2010 29/11

Make Your Own Wedding Cake

Cricut Cake helps you create your own wedding cake with style.

2010 15/11

Bay Area Wedding Venue: The Lodge at Cavallo Point

By Erin Frank

Photo by Michael Venera
Across the bridge from San Francisco lies Cavallo Point, an unforgettable wedding venue that may not even be on your radar. Located in Horseshoe Cove and originally inhabited by the coastal Miwok tribes, this site used to be Fort Baker, which was established long before there was a Golden Gate [...]

2010 08/11

In Case of Rain — Surviving and Celebrating a Stormy Wedding Day

What to do when it rains on your outdoor wedding. Preparation and attitude are key for avoiding the rainy day blues.

2010 01/11

A Homemade Fall Favor with Flavor

With pumpkin season in full swing, here’s a delicious recipe for DIY pumpkin butter. This recipe by Virginia Jane’s Flavorful Edibles is very easy to make in large batches, and pumpkin butter makes the perfect homemade favor for a Fall-themed wedding

2010 18/10

Kendra Renee Jewelry

By Erin Frank
If you’re planning to give a thank you gift to your bridesmaids, think about selecting some great jewelry. Not only can they wear it on your wedding day, but if you play your cards right, and get pieces with character, they’ll end up wearing them for years to come.

We here at Bay Area [...]

2010 11/10

In Case of Emergency: What to Have on Hand at a Wedding

The Ultimate Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

2010 27/09

Destination Wedding: Azul Sensatori Has It All Taken Care Of

By Erin Frank
I like a little wedding with my honeymoon. When you pair a destination wedding with your happily-ever-after there are a huge number of benefits. For one thing, you can leave it to the professionals. You know you’re getting a dedicated staff that specializes in handling events like yours and is familiar with what [...]

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