2010 01/10

Wedding Finances

Let’s be honest: weddings can be very expensive, and without proper planning, the numbers can skyrocket very quickly. We often told people that when you say the word “wedding” people start seeing money signs! There are, however, ways to cut cost and keep within budget.
Before you start wedding planning, we recommend outlining your vision, and [...]

2010 30/09

Spread the Love with Jam

A couple Sundays ago, my bridesmaids and I joined Shakirah Simley, of Slow Jams, at La Cocina to make the last batch of our wedding favors: onion-bacon relish! Our friend (and wedding caterer) Chef Peter made the bacon himself, so there was lots of extra love put into these. [If you want to try Slow [...]

2010 29/09

Epic Love

“M & J” had known of each other for years, but had never really “met” till two and a half years ago when a mutual high school friend of theirs formally introduced them. Well, guess what? They ended up getting hitched!
I got a text message from the bride-to-be about a yearago, asking if I’d be [...]

2010 28/09

DIY: Bay Area Floral Workshop – Huckleberry Karen Designs

Back in March, for four fun filled hours I was an official floral designer. I wanted to share my experience with potential brides, bridesmaids, or MOBs who might want to attempt to create personal flowers for an upcoming wedding – it is doable! I met up with a group of brides and planners to learn [...]

2010 22/09

Yellow Flowers Galore!

This wedding was a true pleasure to work on. The bride, an Architect by training, and the groom, a Landscape Architect, had a great eye for design and knew exactly what they were looking for, yet were totally open to suggestions and changes to help their dream wedding come to fruition.
At our first consultation meeting, [...]

2010 15/09

Build Your Own Gift Basket

I went to a shower a few weeks ago and saw what I considered to be the greatest shower gift ever: a baking gift basket!  I was so inspired by it that I decided to try to build my own for my friend’s bridal shower.  I found this fantastic site that gives suggestions for building [...]

2010 14/09

Rent it! Fab Vintage Finds for Wedding Day Details

The vintage wedding theme is everywhere. Whether you DIY and create your own vintage look or you are searching for that perfect twisted birdcage to house the cards on your gift table, or longing to find a shabby but sweet suitcase for your place cards – the look is all over the blogs and mags. [...]

2010 04/08

Brighten Up Your Table

By Elizabeth Zachry
I usually set a pretty boring table, but sometimes it is nice to jazz things up a bit.  In restaurants, they frequently set the mood with candle light on the table,  so here is a way to create a little ambiance when having dinner with your fiancé at home, but in a more [...]

2010 21/07

Dirty Laundry

I was surfing Etsy using the “Suggested Shops” feature and I stumbled across Melangeric NYC. They make beautiful family genealogy charts for weddings (starting at $500!) but on the more affordable side are “Dirty Laundry” party kits. Basically, you get a package of twine, notecards and a detergent bottle with instructions for filling out the [...]

2010 13/07

Sweet Hanging Details to Dress Up Your Venue

Happy Tuesday! This week I have some fun finds on ways to dress up your venue. I posted some pretty lanterns yesterday here with bold bright colors and today I found more details to share!
Paper lanterns are an inexpensive way to add ambiance and create a soft glow at any evening wedding.
The DIY movement for [...]

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