2010 14/06

Terrarium Treasures

By Erin Frank

Flowers + Vase = Centerpiece…right?  What about putting a spin on this basic principle?  Skip the cut blooms that die out in days. Try centerpieces tailor-made for their little glass houses by Botany Factory.
Based in San Francisco, Botany Factory, specifically plant pro Katie Goldman Macdonald, creates terrific terrariums that are like a green thumb’s [...]

2010 05/06

A Popular Alternative to a Traditional Guestbook

By Megan Peters
I love the idea of a wedding wishes jar rather than a guest sign in book. Often a guestbook just gets filled with signatures and leaves pages of empty paper to waste.  Instead of signatures and short messages like “congratulations!” doing a wish & advice jar is a great idea that will possibly [...]

2010 26/05

Real Weddings – Krista and Tim

If you are looking for some fabulous inspiration for your wedding, here it is! This wedding is ecofriendly, with a touch of DIY, and a lot of fun!
Along with some amazing photos, here is the story of Krista and Tim’s wedding told in their own words…
Describe any special parts of the wedding, or people who [...]

2010 20/05

I love buying secondhand

I’m planning my wedding on a $10,000 budget, so I’ve got to be very careful about my expenses. So that’s one reason I love buying secondhand. Not only do you save money, you prolong the life of an object!

On Friday, I dropped by Mignonne — a boutique that specializes in giving old furniture [...]

2010 19/05

Real Weddings – Dana and Chris in Malibu

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was in Malibu last weekend for a destination wedding and just had to share these photos!  Chris and Dana’s wedding in Malibu was gorgeous and fit their personalities perfectly. They are both from the Bay Area, but wanted to have a fun wedding near the beach where there would be a lot [...]

2010 14/05

Getting Crafty: Trying Out a Few Ideas

Recently I went to the craft store and stocked up on tons of things that I wanted to test out making for our wedding. My shopping basket was full of ribbon, glue, floral tape, glitter, scissors, paper punches, paper bags, felt and more. I was definitely ready to get crafty. I went home and tested [...]

2010 12/05

Shower Planning Made Easy!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend, after months of planning, we finally had the bridal shower!  It was fantastic and everyone loved the food and had a great time.  After all of the planning that went into this, I realized that even thought I thought I could do it all myself and save money, it is important [...]

2010 28/04

Bridal Shower Treat – Cinnamon Roll Bride

By Elizabeth Zachry
Cinnamon rolls would be a great addition to a bridal shower menu!  I used to make this cinnamon roll lamb as a kid, and when I made it again recently, it was just as fun as I remembered!  For a bridal shower, this could make a great cinnamon roll bride too!  Instead of [...]

2010 27/04

The Modern Online Wedding Registry

Marry Me Live Guest Blog
Do you remember when you went to the brick and mortar store to find your place settings that you always wanted, scan them, and then move onto the next coveted item. You could do this at 2, maybe 3 stores max, but if you chose items from too many stores, you [...]

2010 20/04

DIY – Thank You Cards

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was thinking about what to get my friend for her bridal shower gift and thought to myself “what is something a bride will need, but may not think of for herself?”  Then it hit me: Thank You cards!  My sister and I decided that to make it even more special we would [...]

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