2010 20/04

Tech Tuesday: SnapKnot Photography Search Engine

Marry Me Live Guest Post

1) What was your inspiration for starting Snapknot?

SnapKnot was started by me (Reid Warner) and my co-founder, Mike Rheaume. Mike and I were freshman year roommates from our days at Dartmouth College. Although SnapKnot is technically based in Massachusetts, Mike lives in Boston and I live in Orange County, so in reality we have a coast-to-coast operation.

I’m recently married and a casualty of the challenging wedding planning process (well, not really a casualty, but you know what I mean :) ). In particular my wife Eunice and I learned that finding a photographer was very difficult, stressful, and time-consuming. We were fortunate to end up with Jim Kennedy, a very talented and well-known photographer in Orange County. We consider ourselves lucky.

Mike was looking for his next career move and I was looking to get involved in something new as well, so after a series of brainstorming sessions we came up with the idea for SnapKnot, inspired in large part by my negative experience. We thought there was a better way for couples to find wedding photographers.

2) What differentiates you from other wedding websites?

We focus solely on the photographers and their work. Wedding photography is the one thing you will keep from your wedding day years later, so it is very important to get a photographer whose work you are happy with. It’s easy, fast, fun, and free for brides to find photographers to contact without wandering through a bloated site filled with all manner of vendors, advertisements, and unrelated information that distracts from the sole purpose of the site – connecting you with the perfect wedding photographer.

3) What do you hope to accomplish with Snapknot?

The site launched just two months ago on February 15th of this year and has already experienced tremendous growth: We currently have over 500 wedding photographers listed. We hope to have over 1000 by the summer, which we certainly believe is an achievable goal. Based on the positive feedback we’ve heard from photographers and brides so far, we feel we can be successful.

We simply hope to keep growing and hearing more success stories of couples connecting with wedding photographers through SnapKnot!

4) You site is very easy to navigate. Can you tell me more about the benefits to brides?

You hit on the main thing – SnapKnot is very easy to use.

In addition:
A) It saves time – brides only visit photographers’ websites after they know that a) they like their style, b) they are within their budget, and c) they cater to their location. No more endless Google searches.

B) It is free to contact and book photographers brides are interested in (SnapKnot does not receive any form of booking commission)

C) We also think it’s pretty fun to use! It’s always a pleasure to look through the many high-quality portfolios up on SnapKnot.

Because of the reasons above, we believe that SnapKnot helps make an otherwise stressful process much more pleasant for brides.

Readers – Let us know what you think? What do you want to see from Snapknot?

  • SnapKnot.com – Looking For Wedding Photographers Online (killerstartups.com)

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