2010 04/12

StayBrite Baking Cups For DIY Brilliance!

In keeping with the cake theme this week, I just had to share one of my most recent and favorite finds!  When I was at Safeway last week I saw Stay Brite baking cups from Reynolds.   They are lined with foil so the design on the outside stays vibrant even after cooking.  Of course, I was super excited, and hesitant to believe the advertising, so I had to give them a try to see for myself…

The black and white ones I found would make a perfect cupcake wrapper for a bridal shower or DIY wedding!!

According to the Reynolds website they can be found at major grocery stores, and mass retailers such as Target.  If you are looking for a great recipe, I found my recipe on www.allrecipes.com using the Heavenly White Cake and Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting.  Happy baking!

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