2010 29/03

Imagine your dream wedding – Play it Online

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Gaming companies have caught onto the fact that women make up a large percentage of the gaming community, especially when it comes to casual games. And, what a better way to appeal to women online than to focus on the wedding experience.

Dream Day Weddings has a series of wedding computer games that submerge you into the romantic side of planning weddings. Their latest adventure takes you to Italy. Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is the 6th in the series of Dream Day Weddings, each game taking you an an adventure as the “wedding planner” to different destinations including New York and Las Vegas.

The game is very much like Where’s Waldo with you searching for hidden pieces amongst a clutter of items. There is a time penalty and specific items to search for mixed within the story line of helping your wedding clients to plan the perfect wedding in Italy.

Dream Day Weddings has a loyal following as shown by the release of this 6th Dream Day Wedding Game. If you need a break from planning your own wedding, want to reminisce about a past wedding, or just want to try it out, go to this link here or watch the video to learn more.

Photos sourced from http://www.iwin.com
Video sourced from http://gamezebo.com

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