2010 14/10

A New Version of the Wedding March

Is anyone tired of the typical march up the aisle?  Maybe you should consider doing what this couple did:

2010 13/10

Let them Eat Cake!

What girl doesn’t love her sweets? After all, it’s an essential part of our daily diet! (Of course we all do extra mileage on the treadmill to work it off…. Right ladies???? Yep… that’s what I thought….)
Bridal Showers are about all things girly. Some do special Mani-Pedi outings, some will have games like “Make a [...]

2010 12/10

Pretty in Purple

Hi Readers! I have been loving all of the purple wedding details I have been seeing lately in the wedding world, so I thought I would pull together a pretty little inspiration board for you. The one image that inspired it all was the top left photo of the bride with the stunning bouquet. How [...]

2010 11/10

In Case of Emergency: What to Have on Hand at a Wedding

The Ultimate Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

2010 09/10

Great Tips From Tahoe’s Finest Wedding Vendors!

What are you doing next weekend?  Nothing?  It is not too late to go to A Day in the Mountains from Tahoe Unveiled!  A phenomenal group of Tahoe’s vendors have gotten together to bring you the ultimate wedding fair experience, focusing on inspiration and the luxury side of Tahoe.  As a [...]

2010 08/10

Lessons Learned

This is our last post on the Bay Area Bride Guide, and we want to thank you for following. We have really enjoyed writing, reflecting, and sharing the wedding planning experience with you. Our last piece will focus on our closing lessons.

Our biggest recommendations are to…

Have a wedding vision, financial and communication plan
Make sure to [...]

2010 05/10

Dancing the Night Away – The Importance of an Emcee

Once the band or DJ kicks things into high gear, you envision your guests having a blast out on the dance floor. It may seem like this is the part of the evening where things are less structured – the champagne is flowing and you are moving and shaking to Brown Eyed Girl with all [...]

2010 03/10

Tahoe Unveiled – A Day in the Mountains

One of the first decisions you have to make when planning your wedding is the location.  Do you have your wedding close to home or make it s destination wedding?  For everyone in the Bay Area, Tahoe is able to combine the two by offering the gorgeous settings of a destination wedding, and the convenience [...]

2010 02/10

The Greatest Wedding Toast

This is a “must see” wedding toast!  I wish I had thought of this for my friend’s wedding!
Best Wedding Toast Ever!!

2010 01/10

Wedding Finances

Let’s be honest: weddings can be very expensive, and without proper planning, the numbers can skyrocket very quickly. We often told people that when you say the word “wedding” people start seeing money signs! There are, however, ways to cut cost and keep within budget.
Before you start wedding planning, we recommend outlining your vision, and [...]

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