2010 09/02

Unique Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor

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When it comes to wedding favors, there is an abundance of choices. The decision becomes much more difficult when trying to find something practical, memorable and eco-friendly! I was thrilled when someone introduced me to WeePlant. Not only is WeePlant a local business, but it is also a very unique gift that serves as a memory of your wedding that can grow with your guests over time.

Weeplant sells miniature plants called Pinky Trees that grow in a 2″ capsule and was founded on the ideal to improve green consciousness through a positive symbol, a real tiny plant that you can take care of.

Valerie Auberger, the founder of Weeplant was kind enough to answer some of my questions regarding her business and green practices.

1)      What was the inspiration for starting WeePlant?

When I was editor-in-chief at MSN France, I launched a green channel with several editorial partners like National Geographic, WWF and others. At that time I thought people (and advertisers) needed something more tangible and entertaining than very “guilt-driven” advice on how to save the environment. I thought that by providing them a living symbol, I would create a more emotional reaction and would possibly give them a living and growing reminder of how fragile mother nature is and how much they would need to take care of it (like they would need to take care of their babyplant).

2) What makes the favor green? How does it contribute to re-forestation?

All the plants are grown in California in full respect of ecological guidelines (no use of chemical pesticides, choice of species that don’t require too much water or heating). Regarding the reforestation, as soon as the company was born, we started a partnership with American Forests to help them planting trees in areas that have been devastated by the human activities. Basically, for each 4 Pinky Trees sold, we donate the necessary fund to plant a tree. American Forests is very happy about this virtual circle and will start sending our Pinky Trees to their donors this springtime as a thank you gift.

3) What is the process for keeping and nurturing the tree once you receive it?

Because all the plants are succulents and cacti selected among the most resistant and little water need species, the Pinky Trees need very little care: cacti will need to be watered once every 3 months and succulents once every month and a half (or every month in summer time). The key requirement for all the plants is being exposed to light. Once the plant has grown too big for its capsule (time really depends on the species and goes from 2 or 3 months for some succulents to 2 years for most of the cacti), the person will just need to open the capsule top and split the base apart (already cut on 2 half for this purpose) and then take the plant with its soil and repot it.

4) Where would someone go to purchase these favors?

Besides selling the Pinky Trees online, we currently sell them in a few eco-boutiques and retailers in SF and across the USA (NY, Boston, LA etc…). Our main distribution is in museum stores like California Academy of Science, Chicago Contemporary Art Museum, Fort Worth Museum of Science and Industry, Walker art center in Minneapolis, Phoenix Zoo Store, and many others.

To learn more about Pinky Tree – visit www.weeplant.com

What do you think? Would you give Pinky Tree as a wedding favor?

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  • I love these, I think I need one or two for my house. I especially like that CA academy of science sells these.

  • Haha great idea!! I’m not sure I’m cut out to be a weefarmer but sounds like it could be fun (and less trouble than a dog).

  • suppose think also something unique and possible to keep of lasting of using the crystal engraved gift. it can always display there as a memorial marks.

  • wedding packages

    That eco friendly wedding favor is a great idea and it intend to help the environment..I really love weddings that promote environmental awareness. I am looking forward to see some eco-friendly wedding ideas.Thanks for sharing!

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