2010 14/06

Terrarium Treasures

By Erin Frank


Flowers + Vase = Centerpiece…right?  What about putting a spin on this basic principle?  Skip the cut blooms that die out in days. Try centerpieces tailor-made for their little glass houses by Botany Factory.

Based in San Francisco, Botany Factory, specifically plant pro Katie Goldman Macdonald, creates terrific terrariums that are like a green thumb’s version of a ship in a bottle, full of twee plants that are cleverly combined. Katie works with Oakland-based glass artist, Evan Kolker, to come up with hand-blown glass shapes for her creations. Put one of these beauties on each table and you’ll be sure to blow a few minds.  Give them as gifts after the wedding to close family and friends who helped out at the event, but be sure to keep one for yourself as a treasured keepsake from the day.


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  • I love this idea. We have been thinking about centerpieces for our January wedding and I really wanted to get away from using flowers, opting for succulents, or other items that could be reused, etc. The florist I’m working with came up with the idea of branches wrapped in hurricane lamps with floating candles, but I love the idea of living plants. Thanks!!!

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