2010 17/06

Rent the Runway for the Budget Bride

Love. Wear. Return.

That’s the tagline for Rent the Runway, an online retailer that lets you borrow high end fashion for less.

I was considering borrowing a friend’s never-worn wedding jewelry but then I came across this fantastic piece for $50 for 4 days (retail $375). I think it’ll go swell with the hair accessory I’m getting from Etsy’s Pegasus Maiden with the coordinating feather below.

 Ciner Antique Cascading Crystal Necklace

Ciner Antique Cascading Crystal Necklace (Rent the Runway, $50)

Velora by Pegasus Maiden (Etsy.com)

Velora by Pegasus Maiden (Etsy.com)

Pink feather for Velora

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  • Fantastic! I love the idea of renting jewelry, but I love the hair accessories, particularly since I am not planning on wearing a veil. Thanks!!

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