2010 09/06

Rachel Browning – Fulfilling All Your Beauty Needs

By Elizabeth Zachry

Do you have a beauty schedule for your wedding month/week/day? If so, I bet that your schedule probably includes some (if not all) of the following items

  1. Spray Tan
  2. Hair cut or extensions
  3. Hair-do Trial
  4. Make-Up Trial
  5. Hair/Make-up On Wedding Day

Would you believe me if I said everything on your list can be covered by one person??  No, I am not crazy, and I have a new haircut that I love, along with some great photos highlighting Rachel’s work, that prove my point. 

I first met Rachel Browning at a Malibu Wedding I went to a few weeks ago.   When I heard that she spray-tanned the bridal party, did the bride’s extensions, up-do and make-up, and styled the bridesmaids, I was amazed.  Everyone looked fabulous!

Rachel is located in Oakland at Weeds Salon and travels throughout the Bay Area to work with brides on their special day.  Your beauty to-do list seems simplified with Rachel because she is a one-stop shop for everything you need beauty related.  She started out in high school, helping people style their hair for dances, but it was not until she was on vacation in Vegas that the styling bug bit her.  After spending the weekend styling her friend’s hair for their nights out on the town, Rachel realized that the best way to make a living would be doing what she loved, so she went to the Paul Mitchell School to become a hairdresser.

With over fifty weddings under her belt, Rachel has come to cherish her moments working with brides and loves the feeling that she has contributed to making her client’s wedding day perfect.  I do not think I could say it better than she did, saying “I get to make dreams come true. What could be better?”

Rachel is a natural with a curling iron, hairspray, and make-up wand, so of course I asked her for some tips to share!

  • Go to your own stylist to ask for advice because he/she knows your hair the best.
  • Have a basic hair/make-up look in mind.
  • Be reasonable with your demands!
  • Think about how your overall style will look with your dress.
  • If possible, do a trial.   This will help you with peace of mind.
  • After the trial take photos after 2hrs, 4hrs, etc to see how it will hold up throughout the ceremony and reception.

Rachel and I chatted throughout my hair cut and I can tell that her friendly and relaxed attitude would be perfect for a wedding day to help off-set the anxiousness of the bride.  I hope she is free in July to style my hair for my friend’s wedding!

Contact Info:

Rachel Browning – rachelbrowning20@yahoo.com

Pricing and a short bio can be found on the Weeds Salon website:



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    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  • Thanks for the advice on taking pictures as the day progresses after the trial! Hadn’t thought of that, but it’s perfect.

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