2010 01/09

Peacock Hair Accessories

I have heard a lot of buzz lately around different hair accessories for brides.  At my friend’s wedding last month, she took off her veil after the ceremony and replaced it with a beautiful flower.  Aside from a flower there are a ton of different options out there for your hair.  If you are looking for something bold, that makes a statement, have you considered a peacock feather?

This fabulous clip is from Sweet Grass Mill, and I found it on Etsy.  It’s gorgeous and a great price!

Sweet Grass Mill hair clip

Are you looking for something instead of the typical “behind the ear” feather?  This piece from NY Jolie Jewellery is so classy and beautiful!

NY Jole Jewellery

For a more dramatic option you should look at the Alanna Bridal Peacock Feathers.

Alanna Bridal Peacock Feather

Once you get outfitted with your feathers, it’s time to shop for the rest of your wedding party.  I love this cute option for your flower girl!  It is from The Headband Shoppe, and the photo is by ambphotocompany.com.

The Headband Shoppe

After you select your accessories send us some photos.  I love to see what you are interested in!

(All photos taken from Etsy, or the designer’s website)


  • A couple of weeks ago I performed a wedding at Brownstone Gardens in Oakley, CA and all of the bride’s and the bridesmaid’s accessories came from Etsy. It was all gorgeous and really gave their wedding a personal flare.

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