2010 29/01

Paperless Post – The Greener and Cheaper Way to Send Invitations

By Elizabeth Zachry

Lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of party invitations arriving via e-mail.  I know it is cheaper and much less time consuming than creating paper invitations, but how do you make an evite classy?  The answer…Paperless Post!

Invitations sent by Paperless Post arrive via e-mail and look like a typical envelope you would find in your mailbox.  When you click on it, the envelope opens and out pops the invitation.  Clicking on the invitation generates an RSVP to the host.

I decided to give Paperless Post a try and created an invitation to a bachelorette party.  The choices for invitations seemed endless with a large variety of colors and backgrounds, font styles, and pictures.  For more personalized invitations you even have the option to upload your own photos.  In under ten minutes, and for about thirteen cents a card, I was able to create something environmentally and user friendly.

With Paperless Post you still have a classy invitation but at a much lower cost.  What do you think about going paperless?


  • Catherine.Wargo

    These are great! Also, if a bride is hesitant to do the full invite in electronic form, she could always do the shower invites or the bachelorette party invites this way.

  • paperless post is great. I started http://www.cocodot.com which is another really elegant invitation and greeting site. try is on me if you like using COCOFRIENDS promo code

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