2010 21/07

Nikol Elaine – Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

By Elizabeth Zachry

I was on the hunt for the perfect person to do my friend’s make-up for her wedding.  As the wedding day got closer she got more and more stressed, so I decided to kick it into gear and conduct some pre-screenings.  By the time I met Nikol Elaine, my friend had already found someone to do her wedding day make-up, but I may have just found someone to someday do mine!

Typically when I think of make-up artists I tend to think: caked on make-up, overdone, and unrealistic. Nikol Elaine is the antithesis of those stereo-types, which was obvious when I met her.  Nikol’s own make-up looked perfect (and natural), and her huge smile and bubbly personality made me feel like I was meeting up with an old friend.  (Yes, I admit it, I will judge a make-up artist at first site, and if I feel like her make-up is too thick and un-natural, then I automatically assume that she will not understand the look I want.)

Nikol began her career with MAC Cosmetics, and has been a make-up artist for over seven years.  Her passion for her work, combined with her love of meeting new people makes make-up artistry an ideal career path for her.  She loves sharing her passion with all of her clients while getting to know them.  With each wedding, Nikol gets excited because she has the chance to be a part of someone’s special day.

Make-up is not permanent, but can reflect a variety of styles.  Overall, her wedding make-up style reflects a “less is more” attitude, and after being a part of the wedding industry since 2004, she has helped more brides bring out their natural beauty than she can count!

I asked Nikol for a few tips for all of you brides out there, and here they are:

1) When planning your bridal make-up, go soft and do not overdo it.  You want to make sure that the person in your photos still looks like you.

2) When doing your own make-up, clean your brushes!  One of the best ways to do this is soak them in brush cleanser for up to an hour followed up by rinsing them under water.  Afterward, wash them once with shampoo.

Nikol is willing to travel throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and her reasonable rates begin at $75 for bridesmaids.  If you want a trial, Nikol is happy to schedule one with you, but it is entirely up to the bride.  It is hard to imagine someone not being comfortable around Nikol, so if you are still looking for a perfect-fit make-up artist, give her a call!

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  • Thank you Elizabeth for the beautiful post, it was such a joy meeting with you and I felt as though we’ve known each other for years!

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