2010 20/03

N-Fini Shape Where Have You Been All My Life?

By Megan Peters

You are probably wondering what N-Fini is in the first place. First off N-Fini Shape is fan of Plus Size Bride at bayareabrideguide.com. They are a company that sells quality shapewear sizes 0-30. I am thrilled to be contacted and thank them for introducing me to the best shape wear product I have ever experienced.

I was skeptical at first trust me. I have used many shapewear products from department stores including Spanx, which most women rave about. The truth is though the largest size I found in Spanx never fit me right. I guess because I am a tall and large woman.

I decided to give N-Fini Shape a chance and ordered a strapless cami dress undergarment. It happened to arrive in the mail on a day I had a girl friend over. So I gave my friend the “before” look with this cute little black cocktail dress on, and then the “after” look with the shape wear underneath the dress. Then I did the test of walking around and seeing if the fabric was cutting into my fat or if the garment was going to start rolling up under my dress. None of this happened. I could hardly believe it. I felt hot; I felt ready for a night out to show off my smooth curves. I would most definitely wear this under my wedding dress. I felt happy that there is a company who actually makes shape wear that works well for the very plus size.

I then read over the company look book, which is filled with product photos as well as info on the company and each garment they make. I was happy to find that they specialize in full figures. Thank you for the curve recognition! They actually create exclusive fabric on specially designed machines to produce larger sizes. Rather than a larger piece of fabric created on a standard machine. They call this their Tru-Plus garment that is created wider than standard shapewear. Typical plus size shapewear tends to make you feel compacted and uncomfortable and N-Fini does a fine job of making the garment feel like it was made for you personally. I only wish they could make my wedding dress this comfortable.

Along side this special fabric is a diamond shape fabric LYCRA feature. This I could tell was what sucked me in and made me look so good. There was extra support and shaping in the most needed places by the diamond support. It was extremely flexible yet helped firm my trouble areas.

The last special feature that makes this my new favorite under garment is that they put gel in a scalloped pattern on the hemlines. This is the secret to why it wasn’t rolling up or down. I looked at my other shapewear pieces and saw that they had a straight line, no wonder they didn’t work well.

I highly recommend this product and am happy I don’t have to write an article about how average or unflattering this shapewear is. Instead I can say its fantastic, and N-Fini where have you been all my life? This is what every curvy woman needs on a fat day or even on a not so fat one.  Check them out at http://www.n-fini.com and use this promotion code to save $25.00 off orders of $50.00 or more. Code: Divine25, which expires 4/30/10.

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  • great post, thanks for lettin us know about this product… will def look into it next time shapewear is required, or to recommend to a friend…

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