2010 14/05

Getting Crafty: Trying Out a Few Ideas

Recently I went to the craft store and stocked up on tons of things that I wanted to test out making for our wedding. My shopping basket was full of ribbon, glue, floral tape, glitter, scissors, paper punches, paper bags, felt and more. I was definitely ready to get crafty. I went home and tested my ideas.

Supplies needed

My first idea was to take ordinary small brown paper bags and transform them into cute little bags to use for the candy favor table. Where guests will be able to pick and choose from some of our favorite candies to eat through out the night or to take home. I tested a few ideas using scissors, a stamp, and pen then resorted to a Martha Stewart paper punch and Thank You stickers. I think the end result goes well with décor.

A few different trials

The one I liked

Second, I felt like I needed to test out the boutonnieres for the guys. I had so many ideas swarming around in my head. I know that flowers are something I am capable of doing since I worked in a floral shop years ago. However it has been awhile since I have made boutonnieres. I decided I wanted to do something a bit unusual in style as well as something that goes with our wedding colors. So I tested green orchids, with brown felt leafs. After cutting the leafs out of a felt sheet I hand wrapped the felt, orchid and a curling branch with floral tape and then wrapped that with a dark brown silk ribbon.

Floral supplies

Finished product. It looks very big in this picture but it's actually much smaller.

It actually looks jaw dropping in person. I could not capture the color or correct size of it with my camera. I am now thinking these same orchids will look great strung onto manzanita branches for possible table centerpieces?

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