2010 29/09

Epic Love

Rich colors and textures

“M & J” had known of each other for years, but had never really “met” till two and a half years ago when a mutual high school friend of theirs formally introduced them. Well, guess what? They ended up getting hitched!

I got a text message from the bride-to-be about a yearago, asking if I’d be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and also if I’d do the flowers for the bridal party. I said “yes” to both accounts, and we started to brainstorm about colors and textures for her flowers. She was going with a Spanish theme and her colors were red and black. Don’t worry; it wasn’t a GOTH wedding…

On a crisp Saturday morning in May, the lovebirds met me at the SF Flower market where we walked around pricing flowers and getting a feel for the textures that “M” had in mind for her arrangements. After a couple of hours we had the floral list: Red Roses (Freedom), Red Freesia, Black Schwartz Calla lilies, and Red Aranda Orchids. This selection would give us great rich colors, and really soft/lush textures.

Red and romantic

Once we were set on the floral palette, I got to designing and decided that the bridal bouquet would be the main focus with the most color and texture; the groom’s and fathers’ boutonnières would be constructed of one Calla Lily with a fiddle stick accent; the mother’s corsages would be one Red Rose bloom with some accent greenery; and finally the bridesmaids would have simple bouquets of red roses.

The effect of some trailing ribbon was great as the bride walked down the aisle

A red corsage for the Mothers, and a black and gold boutonniere for the Groom and Groomsmen

Classic red Rose bouquets for the Bridesmaids

Black lace, votive tea candles and red silk rose petals completed this "Epic Love" wedding look

I wish my dear friends “M & J” the best in their “Epic Love” and hope that it leads them onto an even more “Epic Life”! Love you both! Congratulations!!!

Tip #1: if you’re buying flowers for an event from the flower market, make sure;

a)    The flowers you want are in season (this will cut your cost considerably)

b)     Put in the order for the flowers about 2 weeks prior to the event with the different vendors, to ensure that you get great quality fresh flowers

Tip #2: Brides-to-be; make sure you have a tossing bouquet that is separate from the bouquet you walk with down the aisle. This way you can dry/preserve your original bouquet as a keepsake from your special day.


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