2010 26/02

Dispensing The Myth – Let Them Throw Rice!

By Elizabeth Zachry

Rice, or no rice?  Traditionally, rice is thrown at the bride and groom to symbolize fertility, fruitfulness, or other good wishes.  This tradition has been passed down since the Middle Ages and there is no good reason to stop the tradition now.  In recent years, people began spreading the myth that birds would eat the uncooked rice, it would swell in their stomachs, and they would burst.  According to multiple articles, this is untrue, and the uncooked rice thrown outside a church will hurt the birds no more than birds eating rice out in the fields.

Champagne Bubbles From American Bridal

However, due to the popularity of this myth, a number of alternatives to rice throwing have taken hold in the wedding industry.  In addition to the simple option of throwing birdseed, one new alternative is blowing bubbles as the happy couple makes their way out of the church.  American Bridal is one company which offers a number of different keepsake bubble bottles, including these adorable ones shaped like champagne bottles.

Another alternative to rice are flower petals.  I recently went to a wedding where the bride’s mom and aunt dried all of their flowers from their gardens

Rose Petal Cones from Moments of Elegance

during the months leading up to the wedding.  They then rolled paper into cones and decorated them with black bow ties to represent men, and maroon ribbons for women.  They were adorable and everyone had a good time throwing the petals.  You can buy these pre-made cones from Moments of Elegance if you do not have time to make them yourself.

What are you planning to do for your wedding?  If you like the tradition of throwing rice, then I say, let them throw rice!

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