2010 06/04

Local Wedding Non-Profit Expands Nationally

Marry Me Live Guest Post
Wish Upon A Wedding, founded by local San Jose based wedding planner, Liz Guthrie is the first wedding specific non-profit dedicated to wedding wish granting. Because of Marry Me Live’s participation in Wish Upon A Wedding, I had a chance to sit down with Liz and discuss her organization. I was [...]

2010 05/04

DIY Wedding: Serving it Up Yourself

By Erin Frank
My Do-It-Yourself wedding advice continues! ¬†If you read my DIY Flowers post, you’ll know my husband and I were on a small budget for our wedding and took the Do-It-Yourself option to the max. We did the flowers, the decorations, the music (courtesy of my iPod nano), brought in the alcohol, and even [...]

2010 01/04

An Engagement Session with Jerry Yoon

by Vera Devera
Swoon! My former colleague, Bethany, is getting hitched and she and her fiance are working with one of my favorite photographers, Jerry Yoon, for their wedding. Both Jerry and Bethany were kind enough to let me share their engagement shoot with you all. Congrats, Bethany and Bryan!

2010 18/03

E! Channel’s House of Brides

by Vera Devera

{Bobby Flay Throwdown, photo by Vera Devera}

I know we’re all wary about Craigslist — it’s good for finding a free couch, but not so good for finding a date (believe me, stay away from it). A couple years back, I answered a vague Craigslist ad in the “gigs” section looking for people who [...]

2010 17/03

Eat Drink & Be Married!

By Elizabeth Zachry
Last weekend I attended a bridal shower.  I, like most people, dread bridal showers because they usually involve playing silly games that make the bride and/or guests look ridiculous and sitting around for hours watching the bride open her presents.  At one shower I went to the bride spent three hours opening presents.  [...]

2010 07/03

A San Francisco Wedding

By Ami Sampat
Jessica and Matthew’s wedding was a true San Francisco wedding.
Jessica found her dress at Bridal Galleria, where she say s the staff was, “really friendly, professional, and knew exactly what I wanted, even when I didn’t really know what I wanted.” The groom found his suit at Nordstrom’s in downtown.
The dessert was [...]

2010 19/02

Totally Awesome Tidbits

To follow up Stacy’s post about Google dipping their virtual toes in to the wedding world, I have to mention that Daily Candy is doing so also! I just found out that they’ve started a wedding version of the ever-popular and helpful email update. So far they’ve posted some interesting ideas about brooch bouquets, invites, [...]

2010 28/01

The wedding dress artist

I finally decided, after much searching, that I’m going to get my dress custom-made. For the price that many off-the-rack dresses were going to be PLUS alterations, it just didn’t make sense to me to do it any other way.
Enter Suzanne at Atelier des Modistes. She’s owned this beautiful little shop in Russian Hill for [...]

2010 08/01

Supporting the Girls

“Don’t do it,” she said. “Do not buy that dress.”
With one proclamation, I was back to square one in the wedding dress search. I was in Alla Prima on Hayes Street, being advised by Maggie, the owner, and by many accounts, the lingerie queen of San Francisco.
A couple of months ago, the nice and knowledgeable [...]

2010 05/01

Flip Books – An Original Gift Idea

I was trying to come up with a cute and personal gift idea for my friend’s engagement party when I remembered the video her fiancée took of their engagement.  He managed to prop his camera in a window and hit record without her noticing.  The camera was pointed toward a fountain and after a few [...]

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