2010 06/02

Heavier Ever After

By Megan Peters
Have you heard the phrase  “avoid heavier ever after”? Well I just did while searching for ideas on how to shape up for the big day. Now I’m not so sure I am really all that into the whole dieting for your wedding thing. However, what got me looking into it is my [...]

2010 30/01

Gorgeous with Curves

By Megan Peters
Since I am always looking online for things I need for my wedding. I have finally stumbled upon a few gorgeous dresses and at unbelievable prices. If you look carefully and are patient you will find the pot of gold! I promise. Here is my favorite site I have found www.inweddingdress.com.  They actually carry [...]

2010 23/01

Plus Size Girl Finds Love

By Megan Peters
Welcome everyone to your very own plus size bride-to-be blog. Let me tell you I am excited to be here and really hope that I can bring some of my own experiences and recommendations as a plus size bride to help you all out there. I wish there was a blog for me [...]

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