2010 08/06

The Top 5 Places to have your Outdoor Wedding in San Francisco

What if you want to say “I Do” under the canopy of heaven but within the 7×7? These five outdoor wedding venues within San Francisco provide spectacular settings for your special day. But remember, weather in The City is most reliably sunshiney in the rain-free indian summer, about late August to mid-October, and do have a bad-weather backup plan at hand.

2010 05/06

A Popular Alternative to a Traditional Guestbook

By Megan Peters
I love the idea of a wedding wishes jar rather than a guest sign in book. Often a guestbook just gets filled with signatures and leaves pages of empty paper to waste.  Instead of signatures and short messages like “congratulations!” doing a wish & advice jar is a great idea that will possibly [...]

2010 26/05

Real Weddings – Krista and Tim

If you are looking for some fabulous inspiration for your wedding, here it is! This wedding is ecofriendly, with a touch of DIY, and a lot of fun!
Along with some amazing photos, here is the story of Krista and Tim’s wedding told in their own words…
Describe any special parts of the wedding, or people who [...]

2010 18/05

Backyard Weddings

Hello, I’m back here again! Allison, from Engaged and Inspired. I wanted to chat a bit about backyard weddings here today.
Ahh, the backyard wedding! In theory it sounds like a phenomenal idea. Getting married in a familiar space and being able to do whatever you want from picking your own caterer, to decking the pool [...]

2010 26/04

Be Brilliant: Eco-Chic Rings from Brilliant Earth

By Erin Frank
When my then-fiance went searching for engagement rings for his proposal, his purchase gave him pause. Traditional diamonds often come at a high cost cost to the environment, society, and to people’s quality of life. News articles, investigations, and even Hollywood movies like Blood Diamond have introduced the public to the darker side [...]

2010 07/04

Razzle Dazzle With Zazzle

By Elizabeth Zachry
I was planning to make the bridal shower invitations for my friend’s wedding, but as the date neared I realized that I was going to have trouble making them and sending them out in time.  As an alternative, my sister found a great site called Zazzle.  On the site there are hundreds of [...]

2010 23/03

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Marry Me Live Guest Post
I’m just mad about her!
With the arrival of spring, bright airy colors, create that wonderful sense of serenity. When I saw these color inspirations from Eco-Beautiful Wedding Mag’s spring issues, it brought such a smile to my face that I wanted to share it with all of you.

Designed by [...]

2010 11/03

Gorgeous and Green

by Vera Devera
I was on my way to rendezvous with Guitar Fred, my fiance, when I walked by a cute store that beckoned to me with a wall of succulents. Yes, a wall. My jaw dropped and I wandered in and to the right, I saw a wall of jewel-toned vintage glass and plenty of [...]

2010 10/03

Sustainable and Succulent Arrangements from Urban FarmGirls

If you are looking for extraordinary centerpieces, expect the unexpected from Tina Vietmeier, founder of Urban FarmGirls.  I ran into Tina in 2009 at the Inner Sunset Farmer’s Market.  While one of her specialties is custom container gardens set in amazing handmade pots, I was drawn to one of Tina’s other top sellers—her sustainable wreaths.  [...]

2010 09/03

Budget Wedding: Integrate your Wedding Invitations Online

Marry Me Live Guest Post
In the world of digital bliss, planning is very easily managed online. If it isn’t in your excel spreadsheet, or shared google docs, it might be your online calendar, or the latest mobile app. Whatever the case, increasingly daily tasks are completed online. Why not use those same principles when planning [...]

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