2010 12/07

A Good Bartender is a Bride (or Groom’s) Best Friend

By Erin Frank

What happens when a couple of young, good-looking childhood friends join forces to serve up drinks on the SF party and wedding circuit?  A whole lotta drinking and some smashing soirees. Matt and David started On The Rocks in 2003 to help get the Bay Area party the started, and it hasn’t stopped.  We got an introduction to On The Rocks when they tended bar at my then-fiance’s work function.  When it came time to pick a bartender for a guest list of Wisconsinites who drink like there’s no tomorrow, we wanted someone with the energy to handle whatever was thrown at them—which naturally led us to On The Rocks.

Here’s a word from our OTR bartender Matt:

Weddings are a special event, and almost always an expression of the happy couple.  And as always, the devil is in the details.  The details I refer to today are those of the help you employ for the event.  I’ve seen many weddings where the bride and groom want to get down and boogie, and the DJ is slack or the bartender doesn’t have the chops to light up a crowd.  The DJ and the bartender(s) are your two main catalysts for making sure people are letting their hair down, celebrating the event in the right way, and cutting a rug.  When planning your special event, if you want people to relax and enjoy themselves, make sure to pick the right help to ensure the proper vibe.

OTR handled a swamped bar area with ease, and Matt was a hit with the guests.  As you can see, Matt was so committed to helping set the energy for our party, he even broke it down in the dance floor with me in between slinging drinks.  For quotes and more information, email the boys from On The Rocks at ontherockssf@yahoo.com.


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